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New Partnerships

Outline : Upcom Technologies Inc. announces new partnerships.
News Date : June 1, 2010
News Story :

Miami, June 1st, 2010

UPCOM Technologies Inc. , a San Jose CA based developer and manufacturer of equipment for satellite telecommunications , announced today that it has been selected to provide a complete fly-away solution for  NEWSEDITS Inc. , a news gathering company based in Miami , Florida .

NEWSEDITS Inc. will be providing satellite television coverage at the FIFA's World Cup 2010 in South Africa for Brazilian TV networks  and has acquired a complete C Band Fly-Away 1.8 m  400 watts MPEG2 SD station, fully redundant to be transported and deployed at the several locations in South Africa.

"We have used UPCOM's Ku Band fly-away equipment in our news coverage for the tragic earthquake in Haiti ,  providing 24 hours / day services for TV networks all over the world "  , said Mr. Evan Lambert, NEWSEDITS's  production director .  " UPCOM's equipment  was very easy to be transported and deployed and performed in very harsh environmental conditions with excellent performance .  Due to that great experience with the UPCOM product line, we decided to add another UPCOM's fly-away to our company "